A Note From Author, and Daughter, Quynn Elizabeth —

My father was able to come home from Viet Nam, but his experience did not leave him.  Over thirty years after his return, he still struggled with alcohol, depression and self-inflicted guilt.  Only after his death was I able to see into his life by looking through his writings and papers.  Since he never spoke to his family about his experiences in war, I appreciated the opportunity to see more clearly why his life was the way it was, and why my family broke apart.  In order to deal with my feelings of loss, I wrote a little book to others like me.  What came of it was this book.

If I have one message for any veteran, or someone who loves a veteran, it is this: It is normal to have emotional reactions to trauma and stress experienced during war-related tours of duty.  One is not weak who cannot “just get on with life”.  Seek out help.  As I say in my book, “You Have to Demand the right to heal.”

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