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ashes“I personally like the book for many reasons, but one of the most important is the drawings. To me, they capture in a way that words can not, the invisible trap, or “tiger cage” that combat soldiers, or for that matter anyone who has experienced a severe trauma faces. And because it is invisible, in the sense that they may never have been wounded physically, they resist accepting the possibility that they might just possibly have PTSD.  Your book is in the top of my list of seven books that anyone dealing with returning combat veterans should have read.”   A Chaplain in Vermont

60 Page Pocket Book (paper)
Retail Price:  $7.00 includes domestic shipping

If you are with an organization that assists veterans and their families and you are looking for a resource to offer them, we can offer you Bulk prices (as low as $4 a book).  Email Quynn for more information at earthwebmedia(at)gmail.com .

“For spouses, especially women, the audio in a woman’s voice is meaningful and reassuring. Men are also attracted by the audio version, but maybe because your voice is both soft, clear and compelling in what you say so well. And for those who are visually impaired or who dread reading anything, the audio book is perfect.”     A Chaplain in Vermont

58 Minute Audio Book (narrated in Quynn’s voice) available for free listen HERE

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