“Accepting the Ashes is both an easy read (short, to the point) and a difficult read, because of its truth and directness. The advice is straightforward and obviously comes from the heart. I appreciate what you wrote, and applaud your work.”
Col Charles W. Hoge, M.D., (Ret) Past Director of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and co-author of “Battle Mind”

Accepting the Ashes- A Daughter’s Look at Post Traumatic Stress

”Accepting the Ashes” is a 60 page/58 minute book, written and narrated by Quynn Elizabeth.    Her father did two tours of duty in the Viet Nam war.   Due to her father’s experiences in combat, he struggled with Post Traumatic Stress, heart sadness and alcoholism all his adult life even though he didn’t get diagnosed with PTSD until 1992.

In “Accepting the Ashes” Quynn shares her personal story so that other loved ones and soon-to-be veterans, who are fighting right now, might not have to wait 30 years to heal their painful feelings often caused by experiencing war-related stress.  Currently, “Accepting the Ashes” is being used by The National Chaplain Center in its Veterans Community Outreach Initiative. This program focuses on educating community clergy and veterans’ caregivers about the special needs of veterans when they return home from war.  In addition to assisting many American families deal with PTSD, “Accepting the Ashes” is being used by a growing number of VA Chaplains and National Guard Family Readiness Offices around the country to aid their veterans, families and volunteers as they attempt to understand and treat Post Traumatic Stress.

”I commend the author for preparing this very helpful little resource for the spouses and families of our veterans. The descriptions of the struggles of combat veterans with the symptoms of PTSD are very accurate.” A. Keith Ethridge, M.Div, Director, National Chaplain Center.

“Accepting the Ashes” is for American military men and women, and all those who love them.  ”Accepting the Ashes” is one daughter’s attempt to increase communication among veteran families so that long-term healing can occur.  “Accepting the Ashes” does not attempt to diagnose or treat any veteran. It is written from the perspective of an adult daughter, honestly highlighting one man and how PTSD negatively affected him and his family.

A Message from Quynn, a Veteran’s Daughter…

“It is difficult to help our country’s military men and women live with the unsettling emotions, fear, sadness and anxiety that they may feel after offering their service to the USA in a time of war. In my father’s last two years of life, and almost 40 years after he served in the Viet Nam war, I had the unique and blessed opportunity to speak honestly with my father. The two of us were able to come to terms with the unsettling past. My sadness is that he felt that his pains were his weakness. He didn’t want to ask for help because he thought it was weak to do so.

I have brought a daughter’s voice to “Accepting the Ashes” because, as I say in the book “there are some things that need to be said”.  Since writing my family story, I am honored to hear how my father’s experience, and what I learned from it, is offering some kind of solace to others so horribly touched by war, again. I know first hand that the war doesn’t end when the Soldier/Marine/Guardsman/Airman (or woman) comes home, even if everyone wants it to. No one has to wait 30 years to tend the inner wounds of war”

“I’ve had the opportunity to share some of your thoughts with veterans in our residential PTSD program, and also in our inpatient psychiatry unit. Your words speak so deeply and clearly to them. We also have the audio CD version, and have played portions during our “Families Matter….and Care” groups within the residential program. Many say “thank God she wrote this book”. Your thoughts and support truly affect those who hear your words.

As part of the Families group, we hand out a folder which contain a number of handouts our clinical staff find helpful. A basic informational handout includes your web address as a valuable resource, and I’m happy to say that when we receive our order of “Accepting the Ashes”, we intend to add a copy to each folder.  Thank you, Quynn, for being guided to write this moving, inspirational and wonderful memoir and support for our veterans.”

Chaplain Patrick Whiteford,
VAMC – Memphis, TN

“I have been creating a new paradigm for ministry to combat veterans over the last months. The reason: to be inclusive of our younger and newer veterans from OIF/OEF. The VA is expanding its mandate to include spouses and significant others of our veterans. Your book is to be a benchmark of the outreach to the veteran along with his significant others. You have shared emotionally and sincerely the view of life from the family to the veteran. It is important for this new paradigm that the veterans hear and read what and how their family feel about the veterans’ experiences after combat”
Chaplain Robert W. Mikol
Dept of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Lyons, New Jersey

“I will be developing a family/significant other outreach program with Operation Desert Storm/Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom families. I plan to introduce your book to them and use the audio book in support sessions.”
An East Coast VA Chaplain