Military PTSD Support Book

Military PTSD  is a national trauma.

Veterans and their families need resources that help them as they understand their wounds, and while they go through the process of receiving help.

From Author and Daughter Quynn Elizabeth “My father served in the Navy for two tours during the Viet Nam war, and then suffered from PTSD for over 30 years until his death.  Experiencing combat in the military, and living with PTSD in his civilian life, led to him losing his family.  He ended up alone, addicted and depressed. After his death I realized how many other families are now being affected, and still will be affected, as their veterans come home from their service in OIF and OEF, and attempt to reintegrate into civilian life.  With the desire to write to others like me, I wrote Accepting the Ashes-A Daughter’s Look at Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

“I am a Chaplain deployed in a residental PTSD Unit. I have ministered to combat vets of the Vietnam, Korean, Bosnia and Somalia and now meeting younger veterans.  You have painted the life of a child, sister or brother, parent, friend or a caregiver to our combat heroes who struggle with this condition. You have given to our veterans a means to explain what they cannot express themselves to the people who they care about more than themselves. I intend to give copies of your book to families as our veterans as the veteran progresses through the six weeks of our program. Hopefully the spouses, significant others, children, parents, employers and friends of each of them will read and ponder your words and images. Thank you.”  A Chaplain in New Jersey

As one who helps veterans, you know the challenge they face as they try to live with the unsettling emotions, grief and anxiety that they may feel after returning home.  “Accepting the Ashes” is an effective resource you can provide to those veterans and families who need a touchstone that reminds them that they are not alone.

“YOUR BOOK IS MAGNIFICENT! You said so much in so short a time. As an Army priest chaplain retiree after almost 27 years of active duty and five months in Somalia I can relate to your story.  Now, I serve as a VA Chaplain and have been using your book to help the Vermont National Guard wives and parents prepare for the return of their loved ones from Iraq.”
Ch. (Col) Joseph O’Keeffe, U.S. Army, Ret.
White River Junction, Vermont

Offering Help to Veterans and their Families is our national duty

Recovering from the spiritual and emotional wounds of war is a community effort…

“Accepting the Ashes” does not attempt to diagnose or treat any veteran, it is written from the perspective of an adult daughter of a combat veteran, honestly highlighting one man and how PTSD negatively affected him and his family. It is most importantly a proactive handbook, listing 15 simple, yet important ideas to keep in mind as one learns more about PTSD and how it shows itself in one’s life.  The book is used by Chaplains and Mental Health experts to begin conversation between veterans and their loved ones about challenging subjects.  Quynn came up with these ideas from her personal family experience.  A few examples are “It is safe to assume that anyone who has experienced combat has PTSD to some degree, whether they will admit it or not”, “When a soldier does not come home from battle, their children are most at risk for future PTSD” and “You have to demand the right to heal”.

”Accepting the Ashes” is used as an effective PTSD resource for:

Veterans Community Outreach Initiative: A national community outreach program of the VA National Chaplain Center

VA centers in:  OR, PA, ND, VT, NJ, TN, CA, HI, WV, NC, WY

National Guard Family Readiness Units in:  VT, AZ

An Affordable Resource in Print or Download

Accepting the Ashes is available in three formats to serve the needs of everyone.  Paperback books are available for individual and bulk purchase.  Audiobook and PDF versions are available for bulk licensing as well.  Please contact Quynn for more information.

Listen to a preview of the Audiobook: 

Accepting the Ashes is available for partnership with any association serving military veterans, and offers special wholesale prices for those with .mil, .va, .gov email addresses.  Please go to Bulk Orders for more information.

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